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Reaching Diverse Audiences

The business rationale for diversity recruitment advertising is fairly straightforward. Having a diverse workforce that mirrors the communities you serve increases the success of your ad campaigns and ultimately the profitability of your products. A multicultural workforce provides different insights and perspectives needed to continually adapt in an ever-changing marketplace.

Diversity is profitable. So how you attract that diversity is an important question.

Think smarter, not bigger

Large-scale exposure is the easiest way of letting people know about your career opportunities. Newspapers, magazines and trade publications are one way to spread your message to the masses, but these vast ad campaigns are expensive and blind. A focused campaign spent directly addressing specific demographics is far more effective.

For instance, advertising your jobs for African American candidates in a publication that is predominantly read by Caucasians won't efficiently garner results. A recruitment ad placed in the New York Post, while likely to be seen by many people, may not reach the female executive looking for a company that understands the challenge of climbing the corporate ladder and is willing to provide a culture and environment that will give her the best chance to do so.

But place that same ad in a magazine specifically about successful businesswomen and entrepreneurs, and now you're bound to reach that target demographic.

Continued success means continual effort

Even when your company isn't hiring it is important to retain the impression of advocating active diversity recruitment. The use of image branding helps further the reputation of your company or organization as a supporter of inclusion. This leaves a lasting impression on readers, one that lets individuals know that your company is interested and specifically looking to hire them. And at the same time it lets their whole community know that you are involved in in promoting their well-being and advancement. They'll remember that, and the next time they're looking for jobs they will turn to you first.

The right avenue to success

Even if a company already sports their own job board on their website, you still need to build up exposure for those job listings. Companies end up dedicating large budgets just to creating a separate diversity campaign, taking out ads in numerous magazines and sending out press releases to countless websites. They even resort to flooding big job boards with their career listings in the hopes of attracting the applicants they want.

But in the end, even though potential candidates use search engines to look for jobs, will they find yours?

Our websites and digital magazines specifically attract select minority, female, and veteran readers. They come to us looking for news, jobs, and resources. All you have to do is funnel your recruiting and branding campaigns through us and rest assured you'll be seen by the specific audiences you want.

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