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Become a diversity partner

Your company's banner advertisements on our diversity websites sends a clear message: that you support and actively recruit minority applicants. The presence of your branding logos with us serves many advantages, most notably:

  •  It builds towards your branding campaign with the targeted demographic.
  •  It lets that demographic know that you are actively looking to hire them.
  •  It helps towards satisfying your company's good faith efforts in legal diversity compliance.

The presence of your branding logos helps reinforce the partnership between your company and the diversity family. Our readers will know who to look for when they're looking for potential recruiters by seeing who stands with us in our inclusion efforts.

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Package Bundles

The most bang for your buck

In addition to our individual rates we also have special package deals to better cross-promote your job listings and branding exposure. These bundles incorporate the best of our services to give your company the most presence where it's needed across our family of diversity websites.

Tailored to your needs

We recognize that some businesses are focused at the moment on just spreading their job postings to where applicants can find them. Each recommended package is tailored towards maximizing either your company's job listings or its branding campaign.

But these are not "one-size fits all" solutions. Each company that partners with us in diversity is a unique and distinct relationship, and we will create a custom package of our services to best fit your business's needs and budget.

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