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Become a diversity partner

Your company's banner advertisements on our diversity websites sends a clear message: that you support and actively recruit minority applicants. The presence of your branding logos with us serves many advantages, most notably:

  •  It builds towards your branding campaign with the targeted demographic.
  •  It lets that demographic know that you are actively looking to hire them.
  •  It helps towards satisfying your company's good faith efforts in legal diversity compliance.

The presence of your branding logos helps reinforce the partnership between your company and the diversity family. Our readers will know who to look for when they're looking for potential recruiters by seeing who stands with us in our inclusion efforts.

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Pricing & Specifications
Graphic Requirements

The branding power of the Career Gallery

Our Career Gallery establishes your brand in a way that is prominent, easy to find, and recognizable. It works best with job-seekers looking to work for particular companies in interesting fields. This lets your business attract the fans who've always wanted to work for you specifically, instead of just anybody looking for hire.

Features of the Gallery

  •   Links to your own website's job board/application center
  •   Keeps you in full control of your posting data
  •   Builds visual branding efforts
  •   Works towards satisfying good-faith compliance requirements

Home page immediate exposure

Besides being the first page a user sees when coming to one of our sites, readers find and skim through the latest news here. Branding banners on the home page get noticed before any other ads throughout the website, and serve to build that crucial first impression.

Great for ad agencies

Our advertisement options are also fully commissionable to advertising agencies.

Website statistics are available upon request.

Read on to learn more about our Career Gallery and the importance of branding:

Banner Pricing & Specifications (Per Site)

LocationBanner SizeDurationRate

Career Gallery 

  •   Links to company website
  •   Indexing on Career Search Engine optional
120 x 60 px 90 Days $500

Home Page

  •   Links to company website
  •   Premium exposure
468 x 60 px 90 Days $4500
120 x 60 px $750

Career Search Engine

  •   Permanent placement next to the search engine
120 x 60 px 90 Days $2500

Graphic Requirements

Types of Banners

All graphic branding banners must be 120 x 60 px. They may be animated or static images, or animated Flash banners. 

If you do not already have an advertising banner, we can create one for you. 

Accepted file formats

We accept banner ad submissions in the following formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, SWF

Flash files

If submitting SWF files, please remember to embed the destination URL into your Flash file before exporting.

Also, your SWF file destination URLs must be set to open the destination URL in a NEW or BLANK window.

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