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Become a diversity sponsor

Advertising within our digital magazines displays a commitment to diverse active recruitment. It also comes with many key benefits. Among the most important:

Rather than devote yourself to an ad campaign and hope the right demographic sees it, put your ads where you know those people will be reading. Advertisements in our publications send the clear message that your company is an advocate of minority inclusion and that you're currently hiring.

We welcome you to take advantage of this crucial marketing vehicle to better reach the audience you're looking for.

The following rates apply to each of our digital magazines:

Talk to a sales representative today to advertisement in any of our four diversity digital magazines:

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Ad Pricing & Specifications

Ad TypeSizeRate
Double Truck 16.00 x 10.875 $7,000
Full with Bleed 7.875 x 10.875 $3,900
Full* 7.375 x 9.750 $3,750
Two Thirds* 4.875 x 9.750 $3,250
Half (Horizontal)* 7.375 x 4.750 $2,400
Half (Vertical)* 3.625 x 9.750 $2,400
One Third* 4.875 x 4.750 $1,750
Quarter* 3.625 x 4.750 $1,250
One Sixth 2.375 x 4.750 $825
Full Page Covers
Outside Back 7.875 x 10.875 $5,000
Inside Front or Back 7.875 x 10.875 $4,750

*Priority positioning available for a 10% premium.

Multiple Insertion Discount Packages

Bronze Package

Advertise in any two issues and receive a 10% discount.

Silver Package

Advertise in any three issues and receive a 15% discount.

Gold Package

Advertise in all four issues and receive a 25% discount.

Prices are net -- Subject to agency commission

For all artwork provided, we require the following: