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Posting in our Career Search Engine

Our Career Search Engine is a dynamic and easy-to-use job search engine powered by US.job's DirectBoard platform, used by thousands of companies and corporations to list their employment opportunities nationwide.

Job postings on our search engine are featured on our diversity websites whenever job-seekers enter relevant keywords or search for a particular region or industry. Additionally, with the power of DirectEmployers' indexing capabilities we can even pull all the jobs from your company website's career section and incorporate them into the Career Site Network, displaying those jobs on thousands of other partner websites. 

This displays your jobs on countless websites for the price of one. 

Key components of the Career Search Engine

There are two distinct parts of our Career Search Gallery:

  •   Featured Listings
    Specific job postings of your choosing that will receive highlighted search result prominence, appearing by default before additional job postings from the DirectEmployer's Career Site Network. This will also establish a direct fiduciary relationship that will help in regards to satisfying compliance requirements.

  •   Career Site Network
    Job postings that are within the National Labor Exchange database of job listings, appearing on every site within the family under their own respective Career Site Network tab. Note that appearing only in the Network does not constitute a direct fiduciary relationship.

Learn more about our Career Search Engine and the importance of a direct fiduciary relationship:

One logo says more than 1,000 job postings

  •   Remains visible throughout search results
  •   Directly links to your company's job listings

Logo tiles right next to our Career Search Engine bring up all of the job listings for only your company in a single click. And best of all, those tiles remain visible no matter what a user searches for, even a competitor. It can't be any easier for job-seekers using our search engine to find your company's career opportunities.

Indexing Available

In addition to adding your banner to our Career Gallery we can index all of your job listings into the Featured Listings of our Career Search Engine. Besides doubling the exposure of those jobs on your website and ours, it also mirrors them onto's entire Career Site Network. That gives you exposure across thousands of other job boards!

Best of all, the indexing updates nightly; so whatever changes appear on your site are reflected in our search results and the Network's as well.

Job Posting Rates (Per Site)


Individual Job Postings *

  •  120 x 60 px branding logo on the Career Search Engine
  •   Appears on Featured Listings only
  •   Does establish a direct fiduciary relationship
1 30 Days $275 /job listing
2 - 4 + $195 /add'l job listing
5 - 10 + $155 /add'l job listing
11 - 50 + $99 /add'l job listing

Job Indexing **

  •   Indexes all available listings from your website's career section
  •   Updates nightly
  •   Appears on Featured Listings and Career Site Network
  •   Does establish a direct fiduciary relationship
  •   Optional with Career Gallery banner
All N/A

* Multiple job postings must be purchased together for bundle discount

** Must have an existing career section on your website in order to be indexed

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