Job Fair Calendar

Promoting your events

Besides news and job postings, readers come to our sites to find the nearest events near them. These can include job fairs, workshops / seminars, benefit galas, marches, petitions, or conventions / expositions from all across the nation.

Make sure your event is filled to capacity; spread the word. With us, there's no cost to you.

Where is the Job Fair Calendar?

Our Job Fair Calendar can be found on all four of our diversity websites. It is updated regularly as we receive event submissions. Events for all minorities appear on the same Job Fair Calendar for easier, standardized viewing.

What appears on each listing?

Of course, there are the basics:

But the more information you can give us about your event, the better. The more our readers can gleam from your event entry, the more enticed they will be to register and attend.

No limit or cost

We provide our Job Fair Calendar as a public service and resource to our readers, helping them stay better connected with diversity events near them.

There is currently no limit on the amount of listings you can have; in fact we believe the more opportunities you can give for potential attendees, the better.

There is no cost to submit your events to our Job Fair Calendar. Even companies not currently affiliated with our diversity websites are welcome to submit their job fairs and events to our calendar at no fee or prior registration.

Connected To You!

Users can copy events from our Job Fair Calendar directly to their own Google Calendars or similar apps. 

As a side bonus, our calendar is also integrated with Google Maps, able to take any listed addresses and generate a map directly to your venue.

Want to advertise your event?

Fill out the upload form to the right. We will email you in 1-2 business days to notify you when your event has been posted on our calendar.