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While we encourage the use of image branding to proactively build a relationship with applicants, we also recognize the need for many job-seekers to simply browse through a list of results until they find something interesting. Our Career Search Engine allows job-seekers to find individual job postings from all over the nation with an intuitive, dynamic interface.

Clean and simple

Our Career Search Engine is straightforward and easy to use. There are no pop-ups or endless sub-menus to get in the way, unlike other job search portals. Just type in what you want and go.

There are options to find all the available job opportunities in a given state or in a currently trending industry. All URLs are permanent, meaning they can be bookmarked and even shared via the social network of one's choice.

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How it works
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How it works

Users can search via keyword, location, industry, or company. Search results come from two databases: our personal Featured Listings and's nation-wide Career Site Network. Between these two vast databases, users will always find what they're looking for.

There are two ways to upload your career listings:

Individually posted

Job postings that are individually uploaded are displayed on our Featured Listings database, which appears first by default whenever a job-seeker uses our search engine to look for jobs in his/her area. Job postings seen here help serve to establish a direct fiduciary relationship that assists with legal compliance requirements.


Search Results

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Having your company website's career section indexed into our search engine is an easy, no-hassle way of displaying all of your jobs at once. Also, nightly scans of your website's career section means that your listings always stay up-to-date. But best of all, this incorporates all of your jobs into both our Featured Listings and the Career Site Network.

The Network contains job listings from all 2500 affiliate members of the Job Central National Labor Exchange. Everything seen within the Network is visible to all of its members, giving your employment opportunities unprecedented reach to job-seekers. That's exposure on over 2500 job boards for the price of one!

The importance of a direct fiduciary relationship

Helps towards good faith compliance efforts!
Direct fiduciary relationship: Intentional effort between two parties as illustrated with a transaction or contract.
Not compliant!
Compliance by association: Simply appearing only on the Career Site Network on our site or any others without any deliberate transaction or contract.

Simply appearing on the Career Site Network does not establish a direct fiduciary relationship that helps with compliance requirements. Since those jobs seen only on Career Site Network are not necessary through a diversity inclusion partner, such as us, legally those job listings are not treated as specifically targeting minorities. They only count as "compliance by association."

However, if there is a a deliberate and conclusive attempt towards active diversity recruitment with a direct transaction, then those jobs can be seen as good faith efforts towards compliance requirements. Therefore in order to carry the effect of a direct fiduciary relationship, recruiting opportunities must first be present in our own Featured Listings tab.

Posting your jobs

Posting to our Career Search engine is easy!

1. Fill out the form

Fill out all the required information on our Upload Form, plus any additional information you'd like to add.

2. Confirm your purchase

We'll contact you within 1-2 business days to confirm your listing and arrange payment options.

Each job posting has its own permalink, allowing you to link to your jobs from your website, Twitter, Facebook, or email newsletter.

Great for job agencies

Agencies can receive their own accounts and upload job postings directly. This gives them full editorial control, faster turnaround, and less "middle-men".


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