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How to Innovate in Established Fields

How to improve in established fields

How to Innovate in Established Fields

Innovation is a word that gets thrown around so frequently in some industries that it’s almost lost all meaning. This, of course, is all the more reason why those seeking to make real change in the world should be looking to fields that aren’t quite so disruptive. Established professional realms are the ones that are most in need of innovation — so that’s where you should go.

If you can’t decide what an “established field” actually is, then consider parts of your life that have more or less been the same the entire time. Ask yourself if there are places where a little innovation or disruption could improve things. Then, start brainstorming what and where you can start to shake things up.

Maybe it’s something as simple as redesigning an everyday item to be more stylish — like headphones or wearable tech. Maybe it’s restructuring an office procedure to make work take half as long. By doing your research and making a plan, you can find a simple tweak to cause a big change.

One of the most-established fields in need of the most innovation today is healthcare. Everyone uses it, but not everyone is happy with their experience — meaning the field is ripe for disruption. If you aren’t sure where to start with your next big idea, take a look at these healthcare examples for inspiration.

Innovation in Nursing

One of the fields that’s currently experiencing some internal innovative efforts is nursing. As a fresh generation of nurses enters the field, some are brushing up on business and entrepreneurial skills in order to bring an extra level of expertise to their work. It takes truly knowing a field intimately in order to best find a disruptive innovation that will cause a shift.

One of the questions nursing innovators are asking themselves is, “Who do we want to help?” In most cases, the answer is the patient. Nursing innovations are generally developments that will improve patient care or advocate for patient needs during the care process.

Considering that most nurses want to stay in their first love — nursing and care — and innovate processes and technology second, this is a field where change may come slowly. However, changing healthtech can sometimes literally mean the difference between life or death. Caution is required. If you’re not a nurse and are passionate about healthcare and patient advocacy, it’s possible that this is a field that could use your energy and effort.

Innovation in Radiology

Another field that’s ripe for innovation is radiology. The way medical images are stored, transferred, and analyzed is changing rapidly in today’s modern technological world. So it makes sense that influencers in the radiology side of things will begin to innovate in order to keep up with new changes.

For example, there is now a field known as “teleradiology,” which is the new term coined for radiological processes done remotely. One of the biggest players to adopt this new field is the Department of Veterans Affairs. They’re using teleradiology methods to connect hospitals nationwide, making it more seamless for veterans to get the care they need regardless of where they are.

Additionally, radiology is also beginning to leverage innovative technologies like 3D printing in order to help promote patient understanding. It’s sometimes easier to show a patient a procedure or a specific issue with a body part using 3D-printed models. This can also help the patient feel less anxious about the care they’re receiving because they have a better understanding of what’s happening to them.

Take On the Challenge

Once you’ve found the established field you’re hoping to shake up, you might feel overwhelmed by the very thought of getting started. Luckily, there are a lot of accessible (and sometimes free) resources for learning how to pitch an idea and to get your plan in front of investors. Barring that, there are competitions that can be great for networking and meeting venture capitalists you might otherwise not have access to.

For example, Accenture’s Healthtech Innovation Challenge. The challenge functions as a series of conferences and contests during which applicants compete to get their innovative healthtech idea funded. Think of “Shark Tank” but specifically for business ideas that help to create a healthier population.

The other benefit of going through a contest or challenge scenario with your innovative idea is that you’ll meet like-minded people in the industry you’re passionate about. Maybe you can combine forces and work together to find the best possible solution. Maybe you’ll meet colleagues who you can mutually cheer on as your careers and businesses progress.

Regardless of how you come to an idea or choose your industry, remember that the best and most innovative ideas are ones rooted in knowing the deep-set problems of a specific field. If you’re going to find a way to change the world, you have to first be an expert in the field you wish to help. Doing your research carefully and thoroughly before even beginning the brainstorm portion of your next venture is going to serve you well in the long run.

Managing Diversity In Today’s Workforce

Managing Diversity In Today’s Workforce

diversity workforceOrganizations in the U.S. are becoming more and more diverse by the day.  Thanks to the slow emersion of acceptance for integration in the workplace, today’s organizations have a much wider base of competence. 

People of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, races, and backgrounds are beginning to feel a little more valued with each passing year.  Managing a diverse workplace brings about new challenges in an ever-growing society. 

There are a few things you should be knowledgeable and sensitive to when it comes to providing leadership to a diverse group of professionals. 

Become knowledgeable about different cultures

The more you know about the differences between the people with which you are working, the more equipped you are to build healthy working relationships.  Taking the time to learn a little about each culture present in the office is a way of showing that you respect the individual. 

Without ever leaving the comfort of your office, you have the tools to expand your mind.  If nothing more than reading a simple article each day on something pertaining to diversity, it is your moral obligation as a leader to educate yourself. 

Be sensitive to cultural differences

Once you have learned a bit about the diversity in your office, try actively showing that you respect those differences.  Allow individuals to feel comfortable and empowered at their job by showing them that they are understood and acknowledged. 

Try arranging a diversity day, or some sort of occasion centered around the celebration of our differences.  Spending time together away from the desk is a great way to build friendships and bonds between your employees. 

Raise awareness in the workplace

In a diverse workforce, there must be adequate training and orientation for the job and the environment.  You won’t ever have a perfect selection of employees, but you can build a collective group of individuals who treat each other with respect and dignity. 

Reach out to an eclectic audience

Use the diversity of your organization’s workforce to reach a wider audience of prospective clients.  The benefit of diversity is that you open up a larger door of opportunity when formulating your marketing campaigns. 

Gather input on your organization’s methods and efficiency from several different perspectives, and use the tools of technology to spread the word.  A simple business profile on social media is a great way to begin extending your visibility as a diverse organization. 

Screen employees for predetermined attitudes

The best way to successfully wrangle a copacetic, diverse office environment is to screen for issues from the very beginning.  Don’t hire people who have racist tendencies or predetermined attitudes concerning diversity.  Spend time understanding who you are hiring, and you won’t be sorry.  

Attracting Millennial Employees: How a DMS Brings Better Talent to Your Business

Attracting Millennial Employees: How a DMS Brings Better Talent to Your Business

By Jesse Wood, CEO of eFileCabinet

In the world of HR, one of the biggest battles is finding and hiring exceptional employees. Bringing talented individuals into your company makes a huge impact on whether your business thrives or fails, but those very employees you want are likely being pursued by other employers as well, so how can you entice that exceptional talent into joining your team?

These days, it’s about a lot more than just a higher salary (though that is certainly always a factor). As the millennials join the workforce, they are looking for other perks and benefits that your company can offer in order to tip the scales in your favor. A top-notch Document Management Software (DMS) system can help you to offer those perks they’re looking for, and here’s how.


For the millennial worker, flexibility in work schedule is more important than ever before. Though many of them are still willing to work a standard 9 – 5 shift, they want to know that they have some flexibility to work remotely if necessary. Telecommuting (or at least the option of it in certain situations) makes your company much more enticing to a talented employee.

DMS makes it easy for employees to access the information and records they need in order to do their jobs, regardless of whether they’re in the office or not. With this software in your office, you can make telecommuting an option when your employees need it, such as when they have a family emergency or are recovering from an illness. Not only is it a big perk that helps keep them happy while working for your company, but it prevents you from losing out on potential productivity when your employees can’t make it to the office.

Modern Tools

Millennials are all about the latest and greatest in technology. They want the newest models of phones, laptops, and other electronics that are designed to make their lives simpler and easier. Their work lives are no exception to this. They want to know that they have advanced, modern tools to make their jobs simpler, and DMS is one of those tools.

This software has remarkable technology that saves your employees from wasting time on tedious or repetitive tasks. Instead, they can focus their ample talent on more important matters. They’ll be happier with their jobs, and your business will see higher levels of productivity to boot.

Higher Salary Potential

As we’ve mentioned, higher salary is always a point of enticement when you’re trying to bring in a talented employee. Document management software can save your business thousands of dollars every year in wasted employee time, supply costs, etc. These cost savings can give you the ability to offer a higher salary to a candidate that you really want working with your team. This can be just the push you need to tip the scales in your favor and get that talent working for you.

Being able to offer these sorts of perks to a highly talented candidate can make all the difference in building an exceptional team of employees for your business. Combine that dream team with the other incredible benefits offered by document management software, and your business will be well on its way to the top.

Jesse Wood eFileCabinetAbout the Author:

Jesse Wood is the CEO of document management software vendor, eFileCabinet. Founded in 2001, eFileCabinet, Inc. began as a cutting-edge tool to digitally store records in accounting firms. As it grew in popularity, eFileCabinet developed into a full-fledged electronic document management solution designed to help organizations automate redundant processes, ensure security, and solve common office problems.

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