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The Equality Advantage

From our long history and experience to our comprehensive and easily accessible content, there are many reasons why job-seekers and companies turn to us. We represent an efficient and attractive tool to both those looking for jobs and those looking to hire.

We invite you to learn how can give your company the advantage it needs in diversity recruitment.

Why readers love us

We provide a number of specific diversity-oriented websites that allow readers of that demographic to:

    •   Keep abreast of the latest news affecting their minority


    •   Browse employment opportunities from employers looking to recruit them


  •   Access national resources dedicated to assisting them

We accomplish this through our public services:

    •   An online and completely free digital magazine


    •   An internal search engine filled with the newest careers


    •   In-depth news articles


    •   Calendar of job fairs and other events


  •   List of resource organizations and aid groups

Our websites and magazines are designed to be:


 Readers enjoy interactive media and features; such as videos, search engines, online calendars, and social media integration.


 Information is logically and intuitively displayed and accessible. Our digital magazine is published in the universal PDF format. Our website is mobile-device ready.


 Readers keep coming back to stay abreast of the latest news, job opportunities, and numerous resources of interest.


 Our diversity websites are completely open to the public with no registration or paid subscription necessary. All content is easily sharable on all the major social media networks.

Why companies love us

Our services are precise tools that bring your company's brand directly to where it needs to be seen most: in front of the eyes of targeted demographics.

A smaller investment...

Because we work on smaller but more effective scales and utilize an entirely digital format our overhead is minimal. This means we can trim our prices and keep our costs low, and your company gets to sacrifice less.

...means more ROI

But don't mistake us as some discount service. We deliver your brand and your job postings where they will be most effective --  in front of avid and hungry audiences looking for exactly what you have to offer. Our readers are looking for new careers, and your company is hoping to receive the best talent for the job.

Working smarter, not bigger

Other job sites boast millions of listings all in one database. Have you tried looking for a particular company's job on that board? A simple search yields countless results, enough to bewilder and intimidate any viewer. You don't want job-seekers to quickly settle by just clicking on the first result they see; job-seekers are supposed to click on you.

Our services are specially designed to promote your company as a brand that people can recognize. Our own search engine specifically delivers jobs from companies recruiting targeted minorities. And our readers know the jobs they find on our sites are only from employers specifically hiring those minorities. They don't hesitate to click knowing that the results they'll get are streamlined just for them.

Your brand, and your jobs, don't get lost in the crowd. Because you shouldn't be seen as just a slew of job postings, but as part of a team of advocates for diverse recruitment and inclusion.

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