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Our Mission

Job-seekers are looking for new careers, and companies are looking for applicants. Neither are in short supply, so why is there always a perceived shortage of either?

The problem is that both sides still find it difficult to find one another. What's needed is a bridge, someone to better connect the two.

This is where we at seek to make a difference.

Bridging the divide

Our diversity websites and digital magazines give actively recruiting companies a place to share their job opportunities to the targeted demographics they're looking for. Meanwhile our minority readers come to us looking for the latest news, resources, and places of hire. Job-seekers find the careers they've been searching for and companies find the specific talent they need.

Both sides use us as a hub with which to learn and communicate to each other, saving each of them the hassle and time of scouring over numerous other websites across the Web.

Our goal

Diversity is enrichment. It brings new perspectives, abilities, and reach to those that have it. It defeats stagnation and stubbornness, and fosters evolution in an ever-changing world. As the Internet has made the globe a smaller place, having a diverse workforce helps businesses thrive with the new frontiers now open to them.

This is why seeks to advance the diversity in America's workforce, one company at a time.

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