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Our History

For nearly a decade and a half we at have been helping to bridge diverse job-seekers with companies that are actively seeking to recruit minorities. We've adapted and evolved throughout the years, paving the way in how corporate businesses brandish themselves to audiences in an online world.

Our diversity inclusion efforts pre-date even the big boards -- CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed -- and we continue to serve companies in the most effective and precise way we can. We've lived through the great digital upheaval, and unlike many other publications we were able to successfully make the switch to the new online medium.

Why? Because we were one of the first.

Quality over quantity, experience over expanse

We at have been promoting diversity in the work place for years. We are pioneers in the world of targeted minority recruiting and compliance, having been in the business long before many of the sites that are available today even existed.

If you need a targeted tool for a targeted audience then let us be your answer. Here's why:

Riding the digital wave

Since 1997 Equality Magazines has been helping companies promote their corporate image through the use of printed magazines.

In 2000, we recognized how the Internet would revolutionize corporate America's hiring efforts. Whereas other organizations simply collected jobs from companies and re-posted them as "classifieds" we pioneered the idea of using a company's own website to display their own listings. This gave more control to our clients and assured greater accuracy over their postings.

We saw the potential reach and cost-saving benefits of digital publications and switched to an online format. This allowed us to spread our magazines even farther, and at lower cost to both ourselves and our clients.

It was readily apparent that online formats and marketing were the way of the future, so it was only natural for us to move entirely onto the World Wide Web to become

Survival of the fittest

Many other job board affiliations have faded away or been outright dissolved. Some of them could not sufficiently adapt to the constantly-evolving Internet, and others became embroiled with their own internal strife and were forcibly closed by monitoring bodies.

We though have always sought to bring honest, sincere efforts and content to our clients and readers, and by keeping ahead of the curve we keep from succumbing to stagnation.

Setting the curve

It has been said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. It didn't take long before the big job boards started realizing the need to dive into the world of diversity recruitment, and many looked to us as a model for their own website's minority sections.

But while the big boards used their vast databases to fill their search results to infinity, we have always stayed the course of surgical effectiveness.

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