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Building Brands & Relationships

We live in a world of growing options, and the key to success lies in getting the right consumers to choose you over everyone else. When people are confronted with dozens of choices, they often gravitate towards what is most familiar to them. As companies looking for diverse applicants, your target audience has to choose from thousands of possibilities.

Making yourself a household or industrial name makes you a familiar face in a vast crowd. Familiarity is the best allure, so when job-seekers can learn and understand what your company has to offer they will come to you first. This is how companies can attract the best talent for their workforce and succeed.

"Winning over choice" is a long-term campaign of creating the right perception of your distinct employment experience. In order to attract the talent you want, companies must "cultivate meaningful connections" with potential hires. These connections start with branding.

Why focus on branding?

Branding is all-important in today's advertising and becoming a household name is the holy grail of marketing. How many families say "Kleenex" when they mean tissue paper, or ask "Can you Xerox these for me" instead of "copy"? When a company has become inserted into day-to-day language it means that their brand has become ingrained into the social consciousness, and when people think of an object related to that brand, they think of that brand first.

First in thought, first in line

If asked to get office supplies, the first place imagined is someplace like Stapes or Office Depot. If you need to look something up on the Web, chances are it will be on Google. These companies have succeeded; they are the "first thought" or "default option" for their respective industries.

When you need job applicants, you want them to associate your company with your industry. If someone is considering a job somewhere in mechanical engineering, then it is your company's name you want them to be thinking of. Job-seekers will look for openings in your company first before anyone else, and in terms of "social trust" -- people subconsciously feel more comfortable with the familiar than the unknown. If your company is well-known, potential applicants will have less misgivings about joining your company's workforce.

The company you keep says a lot about the company you are

Partnering with us not only helps in regards to your legal compliance. More importantly it sends a clear message to your employees and potential applicants that you are committed to diversity and equal-opportunity employment. Businesses known as being prime examples of diversity recruitment and praised in their respective industries often attract the best talent.

We recognize that an inclusive workforce with a mix of views, perspectives, and backgrounds is crucial to corporate success. Creating a unique blend within the employment pool breeds new ideas and innovative solutions that are necessary for businesses to thrive and propel themselves forward. It helps companies remain dynamic and ready for the growing global economy.

Be ranked and recognized as an advocate in diversity and inclusion by building your company's image — all while creating a more positive atmosphere within your own workforce.

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