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About Us

The Equality Advantage

From our long history and experience to our comprehensive and easily accessible content, there are many reasons why job-seekers and companies turn to us. We represent an efficient and attractive tool to both those looking for jobs and those looking to hire.

We invite you to learn how can give your company the advantage it needs in diversity recruitment.

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Our History

For nearly a decade and a half we at have been helping to bridge diverse job-seekers with companies that are actively seeking to recruit minorities. We've adapted and evolved throughout the years, paving the way in how corporate businesses brandish themselves to audiences in an online world.

Our diversity inclusion efforts pre-date even the big boards -- CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed -- and we continue to serve companies in the most effective and precise way we can. We've lived through the great digital upheaval, and unlike many other publications we were able to successfully make the switch to the new online medium.

Why? Because we were one of the first.

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