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About JobTarget


We are proud to showcase our partnership with JobTarget. JobTarget’s Compliance Services support large and small businesses to ensure they meet their unique diversity recruitment needs, helping them connect with women, minorities, veterans, individuals with disabilities, the LGBT community, or some other disadvantaged groups or individuals. 

Who they are

Offering the leading online recruitment platform, JobTarget helps Fortune 1000 companies, recruitment advertising agencies and small businesses improve the process of finding and hiring the best candidates. With a network of over 20,000 job sites and integration with leading ATS providers, clients have access to a robust media platform and an extensive selection of services that will maximize a recruitment effort.

So whether the need is to get jobs in front of qualified candidates on thousands of sites, track job posting performance, optimize job posting strategies, or stay up-to-date with OFCCP compliance regulations, JobTarget works with clients to define and help them reach their hiring goals.

How they work

JobTarget makes finding and recruiting diverse talent easy. Recruiters that use JobTarget to meet diversity and compliance objectives can:

Recruiters who use OneClick:

  • Access one of the largest job site networks in the market, with 700+ dedicated sites focused on diversity, veterans, individuals with disabilities, women and the LGBT community.   
  • Post and manage jobs on targeted diversity sites and state job banks.
  • Verify postings and image proofs within the OneClick Recruitment Platform.
  • Access reports to monitor job posting reach and help demonstrate compliance.
  • Track relevant KPIs.

JobTarget and

Optimize diversity recruitment efforts with JobTarget and Large and small businesses can maximize the impact of postings on diversity sites thanks to the added product features and network reach that JobTarget offers. 

Search, post, manage, measure and verify your diversity recruitment efforts with JobTarget and 

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