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The National Labor Exchange


The National Labor Exchange from DirectEmployers is a vast database of career listings uploaded from thousands of employers across the nation. Major manufacturers, service industries, and corporations all use the Exchange, oftentimes even in conjunction with the their own online career section. provides yet another window of exposure for job postings, one that's visible to all 2500 of its participating organizations. Best of all, the job search module utilized on each of these participating websites is easy, convenient, and versatile for job-seekers to use; increasing the chance of finding the right candidate for the job.

The vast Career Site Network

Companies uploading their jobs to the National Labor Exchange enjoy the privilege of having their listings shared throughout the Career Site Network, a pool of jobs from every website that utilizes's search engine platform. This means jobs within the Network can be seen from literally thousands of other sites. Among those participating are dedicated job recruitment websites, major manufacturers, and corporations who are taking advantage of the dynamic power of

For example, job postings indexed into the Career Site Network on our own family of diversity websites become a part of the Exchange and are likewise seen across the Web. allows recruiters to organize job-seekers by resume and upload career openings themselves, letting human resources proactively find the right talent for the right position. The Exchange also works with state-run job banks and workforce agencies, often adding region-wide listings of available jobs to its databases. All this means even more exposure for career postings within the Exchange.

Reaching minorities

The National Labor Exchange, through its partnership with diversity recruitment websites such as ours, helps its participating member vendors attract diverse and minority candidates.

They also feature sections for the disabled, seniors, and students. This allows employers to search for exactly what they need to diversify their workplace.

Reaching veterans


DirectEmployers' veterans-specific job search engine, VetCentral, helps businesses meet mandatory job-listing requirements for servicemen and women under the Vietnam Era Veteran’s Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA).

 VetCentral also provides resources for veterans transitioning back into civilian life, from career research based on veterans' Military Occupation Classification to relocation information. As such, VetCentral is a direct partner with our own Veterans Enterprise diversity publication and website.

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